The Strategic Manager of Community Development and Social Services oversees and ensures the smooth running of Library Services, Protection Services and deals with Housing Development. Description of the activity


Richmond Library is affiliated with Provincial Library Services. There are about 2000 users. It provides the following functions.


It provides comprehensive information to the community. This is done by issuing and returning books to users. The books are issued to users who are members of the library. Membership is free.


The Library Services also help Schools with materials that they do not have. Learners are given guidance in terms of how to use the Library. Moreover, the Library Services assist Schools with readership programs and also coordinate and conduct user education when Schools visit the Library. The Library Services also provide services that have to do with photocopying and printing.

The constant circulation of materials in the Richmond area enables the libraries to provide the public with new reading material on a regular basis.

Special Requests

An opportunity for readers to select materials, that are not available at our libraries, from the Regional Library.


  • All activities associated with provision of housing
  • Continuous management, coordination and facilitation of all Municipality’s Housing development projects within Richmond Municipality
  • Construction of houses for the approved beneficiaries
  • The municipality has a mandate to lead and direct the housing function so that the strategic objectives of the municipality in relation to housi ng are achieved.
  • The establishment of an inclusive, representative and accountable development structures within communities.
  • Identification of other primary actors with whom the community should relate for the purposes of successful development.
  • Certification of potential housing beneficiaries.
  • Facilitation of the sales administration process.
  • Signing of building agreements by beneficiaries.
  • Appointment of Project Manager(s) by the Developer.
  • Appointment of Contractor(s) to undertake the actual construction of houses.
  • Capacitating and empowerment of locally based contractors to participate in the construction of houses as sub-contractors.
  • Employment of unskilled local people to assist skilled labourers during the construction phase.

The Strategic Objectives of this function are to:

- Reduce the population living in informal structures
- To ensure access to formal housing opportunities.

Protection Services

  • Driving Licence Testing Centre (Learners License, Driver Licence Renewals, PDP’s etc)
  • Motor Licensing
  • Motor Licensing
  • Fines Processing
  • Fines Processing
  • Road Safety
  • Law Enforcement
  • Enforcement of Bylaws
  • Crime Prevention
  • Municipal Security
  • Disaster Management